Jonathan launches ‘Sporting Lives’ podcast

I will be attempting to put this out ‘live’ this evening at 8pm as a premiere on Youtube. Yep, your guess is as good as mine as to what’s what with that, but that’s the aim.

Again, I’d be delighted/grateful if you would go to my youtube channel and hit subscribe at the time. Perhaps even watch it! Obviously, feedback appreciated too, plus sensible suggestions for future sporting guests you might like to hear from (some still already in the pipeline at the point Covid-19 took a hold).

It will also be available on Podbean in audio-only format, which will then filter through to iTunes (I am advised) in a couple of days, if you’d rather listen than watch.

As a taster, my first guest, a former international and Leeds Rhinos rugby league player, said: “The first time I ever went to Wembley to a Challenge Cup final, I played in it!” and “Rob Burrow is arguably pound-for-pound the hardest man ever”.

He’s a diamond geezer, as I’m sure will come across in his interview, who I loved watching play, and is always a pleasure to deal with. But who is he…?

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